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Personal Chef

Add to Your Ultimate Lake Tahoe Getaway with a Personal Chef and Unique Cuisine

If your Nevada or California vacation includes a quiet lakeside home filled with your closest friends and family, consider adding a personal chef to your staff and explore the local cuisine with a unique presentation. At Abenteuer, I add adventure to every dish while sourcing as many ingredients as possible from local farms, lakes, and rivers. I can help you create a complete menu able to support your active days exploring the area or a sumptuous feast to punctuate a special day. 


I  am also a qualified sommelier, so you can look forward to unique pairings with wines from nearby California vineyards or sourced from across the world. Call today to reserve your personal chef for a single meal, a day, a weekend, or for your extended stay. You will return home with the flavor of adventure lingering on your tongue.

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